After a big dip and then a big surge, Michigan and Illinois cannabis both reported new record monthly sales numbers for the month of April. In April 2021, Michigan reported $153.6 million of legal cannabis sales, with adult-use sales surging up $8 million over the last month. Illinois reported $150.2 million, with adult-use sales also providing the boost, increasing almost $6 million over the previous month. Both states’ new 2021 growth curves match those of early and mid-2020.

Meanwhile, Missouri’s monthly medical cannabis sales dropped during the month of April, reporting $8.8 million, a decrease of almost $4 million over the previous month.

Illinois regulators certified twenty-six new dispensary locations in March, as cannabis companies raced to get new locations approved by a March 31 deadline. Many of those locations were not able to open for business until April or later.


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